Jo Coppin Ltd.

Waxing salons, trade supplies, exfoliating cloths and other things that pique my interest!

Registered Office:
2nd Floor,
The Klinik,
16 Devonshire Row,
Telephone/Text: 07703 189 410


Company Number 10127402
Registered in England and Wales.
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Hot Wax London Ltd.
(a partially owned subsidiary)

The premier waxing salon with male and female waxologists to remove unwanted hair from our capital's inhabitants and visitors of any gender identity.

Now located in the heart of the City of London after a successful residency in Hammersmith, we're busier than ever.

Bookings for this salon are only taken online through the website.

Trading As...

This popular little salon sees clients sometimes travelling long distances across the country's largest county to reach one of the regions few specialist waxers.

This is Jo's original waxing venture and here she works alone, waxing anyone who wants to be defuzzed whilst enjoying being just across the road from the beach.

Appointments are taken mainly by text so please see the website for more information prior to getting in touch.

Retail purchases of this fab little cloth can be made via the website where trade enquiries from salons, indivudual therapists and retailers are also welcomed.

Your little bit of rough to get to the smooth!

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